Fort Telecom

Fort Telecom

Open University was created for free exchange of knowledge among

company employees,

university students and those who want to join our team

FT Open University team gives lectures and training courses on software development, programming and design for manufacturing, as well as marketing, finance, logistics, lean manufacturing, export activities, corporate and international law, quality management systems, and production culture.

Upcoming lectures

28 июня

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Офис Fort Telecom, Пермь, Бульвар Гагарина, 65а
Для кого: 
Для сотрудников FT и зарегистрированных на лекцию слушателей
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University Principles

FT University is an openuniversity, which means all our lectures and meetups are free of charge.

Our key values are humanity and integrity.
Our main growth driver is freedom of speechand expression.
We stand for entrepreneurship and courage to innovate.

We do not claim to be teaching the ultimate truth. Instead, we encourage open discussion to find the best solutions. We also believe that words matter, but actions matter more.

Our goals


Develop Fort Telecom employees, buildcross-functional teams, support professional growth of each team member.


Collaborate with universities to provide students with a comprehensive vision of technology business prospectsand trends.


Onboard new members of Fort Telecom team quickly and effectively.


Foster a creative environment for building new products with the support of Fort Telecom company.


Share best practices to create competitive productsfor the global market.